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Service process

We have developed a dedicated plan to make the most of your time. The information below provides a brief overview of the treatment process.

Women's Basic Inspection Project
1) Six hormone tests (on the second day of menstruation)
2) Transvaginal ultrasound examination (on the second day of menstruation)
3) Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) test
4) General inspection, including:
① ABO blood type and Rh blood type
② Hepatitis B panel
③ Hepatitis C antibody
④ AIDS antibodies (HIV I + HIV II)
⑤ Syphilis test (RPR)
⑥ Gonorrhea examination
⑦ Chlamydia IGM and IgG
⑧ Cytomegalovirus antibodies
Men’s Basic Inspection Items
1) Semen examination
2) General inspection, including:
① ABO blood type and Rh blood type
② Hepatitis B panel
③ Hepatitis C antibody
④ AIDS antibodies (HIV I + HIV II)
⑤ Syphilis test (RPR)
⑥ Gonorrhea examination
⑦ Chlamydia

Note: Please complete the above inspections before your consultation. If the general inspection has been conducted within the last six months, you can provide the inspection report directly without repeating the tests.

Artificial fertilization surrogacy process

  1. Step 1: The First Test Tube Cycle - Initial Embryo Transfer

    If your menstrual cycle begins on September 1, it's advisable to visit our clinic on September 3 to relax and prepare for the test-tube cycle surrogacy test tube surgery/IVF process. During this phase, the following steps are taken:
    You will undergo a series of medical assessments according to the clinic and under the guidance of the Doctor, including blood tests, physical examinations, ovulation cycle tracking, and medication, egg removal surgery and other other service processes. These assessments help determine your readiness for the IVF procedure.
    The surrogate provider will receive embryos selected by the intended parents after screening in the embryo laboratory.
    Our IVF doctor will manage the entire surrogacy IVF operation, coordinating with you at each step.
    Additionally, you will establish a formal agreement with the Canadian Maple Leaf International Reproductive Center to understand your specific service processes, rights, and obligations.
    The test tube cycle spans from September 1 to September 18, with successful egg removal and production of embryo. On the fifth day (September 23), you will receive the results of the embryo screening.
    If you opt for genetic screening (PGD) immediately after taking an egg, the PGD screening process will follow. By October 7, you can expect to receive a report on high-quality embryos post-PGD screening.
    After 15 days (October 22), you can initiate the surrogacy provider selection and matching process. In case you have fewer than six embryos following PGD screening, you can choose to either proceed with another egg extraction cycle or enter the first surrogacy provider matching cycle. In the event of a failed pregnancy, you can start the process of booking a second surrogacy provider.

  2. Step 2: The First Pairing Cycle of Surrogate Mothers

    Preparation and implantation of the surrogacy uterus.

  3. Step 3: The First Transplantation Cycle of Surrogate Mothers

    Confirmation of successful embryo transplant approximately 2 weeks after the procedure.

  4. Step 4: The First Pregnancy Cycle of Surrogate Mothers

    A 40-week pregnancy cycle with surrogate mother.

  5. Step 5: Surrogate Mother's Childbearing Cycle

    The high-quality customer service provided by the Canadian Maple Leaf International Reproduction Center mainly includes basic consultation, filling in forms, document translation, service summary, service agreement signing, schedule management, egg extraction and in vitro surgery cycle, surrogacy provider agreement signing, surrogacy provider embryo transplantation, etc., and other pregnancy and postpartum periods, mainly Coordinate with surrogacy providers, etc.

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