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Surrogate mother & same-sex surrogacy

Welcome to join the egg donation team. If you are interested, please click:

Welcome to join the surrogate team. If you are interested, please click:

We recommend the best surrogate mother candidate for you to ensure the healthy growth and development of embryos and fetuses. All our surrogate mothers have undergone hospital physical examinations, no genetic diseases, no AIDS, no sexually transmitted diseases, no infectious diseases, healthy and have fertility experience.

We are responsible for managing the liaison and coordination of candidates for surrogate mothers, basic examinations coming to hospitals, criminal record surveys, identity information verification, family background verification and the management of the whole pregnancy, including: reimbursement of surrogate mothers' expenses, living expenses, surrogacy allowances, postpregnancy physical examinations, and regular sending examination reports to customers during pregnancy. Sue, apply for the baby's Canadian birth certificate and China travel certificate after birth, and sign a surrogacy agreement with the arranged surrogate mother (which stipulates the rights and obligations of surrogate mothers).

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When do you need to choose surrogacy, or what are the indications for surrogacy?

The Specific Criteria for Selecting Surrogate Mothers are as Follows:

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