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Package A - 加拿大枫叶国际咨询

Package A

Package B - 加拿大枫叶国际咨询

Package B

Package C - 加拿大枫叶国际咨询

Package C

The Comprehensive Consultation and Treatment Options:

Package A: This test-tube baby medical package is designed for infertile couples or same-sex expectant families who require third-party assisted childbirth. The clinic offers a comprehensive IVF treatment kit to enhance the success rate of IVF. It is our primary recommended treatment plan for our clients. This package can be used once the doctor's evaluation and conditions have been met. Additionally, the IVF clinic provides a successful test-tube baby package for twins.
Package B: This package allows you to take eggs unlimited times in a year and the transplantation of healthy embryos until successful conception. It is ideal for women over 35 years old who are seeking to promote ovulation or have a need for frozen eggs.
Package C: This package includes a single cycle of test-tube baby treatment and is suitable for expectant parents with good sperm and egg quality who require third-party assisted childbearing. The package includes ovulation induction and embryo transplantation. It is also suitable for women with favorable ovarian and uterine conditions who wish to achieve a successful pregnancy of their own.
Customized Plan: We offer personalized recommendations for the best-assisted reproductive treatment and cost plan based on individual medical needs and financial arrangements.

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